Is it worth the time and cost to publish a book with a professional independent publisher?

by Julie Salisbury on October 30, 2015

Having a published book – especially a print copy you can visually see – sets you apart in business. It brings a credibility to your work. You are not just a (fill in the right word), you are the author of book on (fill in).  I was at a seminar recently where one very successful businessman shared he felt everyone working in a visible profession should have a book. It opens doors and sets you apart from others in your profession right from the moment of introduction. I am no longer just a freelance writer – I am the author of Life Outside the Box: The Extraordinary Journey of 10 Unique Individuals.One author who has achieved some financial success shared it took until her 3rd or 4th book to amass the readership for the financial end to start to come together. I have to admit from my journey so far, it looks like the best thing I can do to continue to market my first book is to continue to release new books. Each expands your readership and that’s where sales start to grow.

I personally was driven to publish my first book and am moving forward with 2-3 more in the next year. It is a drive that comes from deep in my soul. It is my passion and I truly feel what I have to share is important to put out there. This is a something you need to decide. Stop thinking of money, time, commitment, etc. You’ve already done that. Try to listen to what your heart is telling you. How do you feel moving forward? How to you feel letting go of this dream?

Marilyn Wilson

Freelance Writer, Editor, Author of Amazon Bestseller – Life Outside the Box: The Extraordinary Journeys of 10 Unique Individuals
International Associate Editor/Contributor – Raine Magazine (NY-Miami-LA)
Contributor – Metro-Living-Zine (Vancouver)

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