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by Julie Salisbury on April 14, 2016

Women Speakers Association (WSA) President Gail Watson shared her worst fear about writing her book – a fear that came true! And she shared it live on our WSA Blab!



Gail Watson

So many things stop us from taking that first step to share our story. For many writers, their biggest fear is “not being good enough” or that “my story is not interesting enough” or worse, that people will “judge” us and the position we hold in society. Gail Watson, President of Women Speakers Association, revealed exactly that in a blab interview broadcast today to hundreds of people … LIVE!

“There is a certain expectation that comes with the status of being the President of a Speaking Association with close to 10,000 members, such as, being a published author! I talk all the time about the importance of being published to give more credibility to your speaking profile, as well as your ‘brand.’ When you allow your audience to see the ‘raw’ you, they feel more connected to you and they relate more to your story. Yet, I have held back on my story, because of the fear of being judged.”



Why do we self-sabotage ourselves when we already know that our close friends do not judge us for our story, but respect and honour us for the journey we took? Likely because at some point in our life, usually as a young child, we were told to “Stop talking about yourself” or not to be “weak and show your vulnerability.”


Another Perspective on Fear

WSA Publishing Director Julie Salisbury shares her perspective, too. “I certainly know as a Brit I was taught about the ‘stiff upper lip’ from an early age! My young adult mentor, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, was known as the ‘Iron Lady’ because she did such a good job of hiding her emotions and not showing her weaknesses! I clearly remember going to business college in a full back cast following a major operation and holding my head high, so as not to show any weakness to my classmates or the teacher (but dying of embarrassment inside because the cast was so bulky and ugly). This continued into the workplace where I would never show my emotions in a mostly male-dominated sales industry. No surprise then that I, too, feared sharing my story!”


What Can Be Gained? 

So why do it? Why share our story?

How many people have you helped already by sharing your story? If you have overcome adversity in your life, whether as a survivor of cancer; child abuse; learning challenge; disability; or simply a seemingly “normal” life of struggle, we all know at least one person that has felt inspired and motivated by our story. So, why not share that knowledge with the world rather than just a few? We are all very unique in our life journey and we all learn differently at different levels. One person may feel their story is not “special” enough because thousands of people have had the same experience, but ask yourself this, “Was it the same?” Of course not! We all experience our stories in different ways, so there is always someone you can help with “your” version of “your” story!

Beyond the Fear To Write Your Book Through WSA Publishing

Sharing your story with the world in a published book will change your life forever. Your story and your book offer a new platform from which to speak and to build a business. As you share, you inspire others to do the same. And as you spread a sense of empowerment through storytelling, just think how many people you will help!


WSA Publishing is proud and excited to offer both 4- and 8-week Live Interactive Online Publishing Programs.


Learn more about them here!


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