Live an authentic life and find your true purpose: one woman’s story to finding her true purpose through writing a book

by Julie Salisbury on May 19, 2016

InspireABook started 10 years ago on Vancouver Island when Julie Salisbury ended her 7 year journey around the world.  That journey started when she left her cushy product development job in the UK to search for a higher purpose. When landing in Canada and deciding to call this beautiful country home she had one year where she could not work while waiting to apply for residency. This was perfect, she thought, as it would give her time to complete her book from the journal entries and notes she had taken from the past 7 years. It began as a simple (or thought to be simple) book writing endeavour where Julie wanted to chronicle her 7 year journey around the world and present it in a nicely organized book. This turned out to be a much harder process as originally thought so Julie did what came naturally to her, she borrowed her product development experience from the past and put it to work to help develop the book. A book is just a product after all, right?

After she changed her focus and used this approach towards her book, she was able to complete it within one year’s time. Once completed she realized she accidentally created an entire book writing curriculum that anyone could use to help get organized and write their book. From there she began to teach this curriculum to local community centres and received some amazing responses. Nobody had seen this approach taken to the book writing process before, and it worked! Time and time again writers were able to get their book idea and content organized. The next year these same authors would come back to Julie exclaiming, “I’ve written my book, now I’m ready to get published! Can you help me?”. Naturally Julie fell into a literary agent position to help these authors get published.


First Julie began as a literary agent for Hay House, and other publishing companies, then a UK publishing company offered to publish her Canadian titles under her own imprint.  Less than a year later, Julie had too many authors waiting to be published and decided it was time to branch out on her own and start her own publishing company. In 2010 “Influence Publishing” was born which has since published nearly 100 titles who have gone on to become bestsellers.  She finds her higher purpose is to help authors move forward in their businesses by using the published book as their platform and fulfill their life purpose.  She now teaches the InspireABook program as a live webinar and has inspired thousands to share their stories in a published book.

This month Niobe Weaver sat down with Julie Salisbury and spoke to her about this journey and asked her what the most important thing an author needs to do in order to live out their life’s purpose through their book. Listen to Julie and Niobe discuss why writing a book and fulfilling your life’s purpose go hand in hand.


Niobe Weaver Conference Interview with Julie Salisbury on Finding Your True Purpose Organically to Live an Authentic Life

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