InspireABook Publishing Coaching is a Vancouver-based publishing corporation that responds to Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, and Authors looking for practical marketing and publishing services to transform wisdom and educational material into the platform of a book, which is then used as a strategic marketing tool to reach a mass market and influence the way we all see the world.  Through the successful publishing of over 60 titles, through our sister company “Influence Publishing Inc, InspireABook Publishing Coaching discovered a ready market of clients who were eager to take advantage of the credibility and media advantages a published book brings to the marketing mix. Today, content is king, and Influence specializes in utilizing the rich content of the author to reach a market of influencers who are now interacting in the marketplace through social media, blogs and “real” connection with the intended audience.

InspireABook Publishing Coaching is exclusively focused on innovative authors who want to share their ideas on the advancement of human potential, personal growth, and healing trauma.  We focus on collaboration instead of competition and it is clear that our authors and InspireABook share a world view, respecting the individual, and the impact and influence, one person can bring to the world. We are unique as a publishing coaching and marketing service company that focuses on this approach, recognizing that there is a generation gap issue, created by leaders of the baby boom era that are still in denial that the third wave of internet is the key to communication, and yet, the least understood. InspireABook helps this generation to make the most of this medium that they do not understand.

“The movement is just leveraging the power of people, the power of community, giving everyone the chance to participate” Chad Hurley, Co-founder and CEO of YouTube.

 Message from the founder and President of InspireABook

Inspireabook was a dream conceived almost 10 years ago when I was writing my own book “Around the world in seven years”  I thought I would find a publisher easily, with my vast marketing experience and unique story, plus international TV coverage and National Press in the Daily Mail in the UK, why wouldn’t a publishing house be interested me?

Thirty reject letters later, I started to realize this journey was not going to be as easy as I first imagined.  I started to investigate the new technology of “print on demand” and self-publishing and spent the next two years making it my mission to find the best option to publish my book.  In process of this research I started to record my research and “inspireabook” was born.

Fast forward 10 years and the successful creation of “Influence Publishing” I have now helped over 70 authors publish their books and become best sellers.

Are you a fit?

Unlike traditional Publishing firms or print on demand self-publishing companies, InspireABook Publishing Coaching works exclusively with authors to develop concrete, practical, short-term and long-term action plans that will help move their message in the right direction. InspireABook Publishing Coaching helps the author understand how the book can be used as a “business card” to build the brand and give credibility. We focus on creating exposure in the media and on digital platforms by focusing on the primary objective of using the book as a marketing “tool”.  We always work on the book and author together, and can demonstrate many examples of using the book as the platform to re-brand the message. Our clients include “Taking a Stand” a Parent’s/Children’s guide on bullying (a complete re-brand and marketing strategy including the website, digital media platforms and re-branding the curriculum workbook as part of the published guide) and “Return to Food” (another complete re-brand and integrative marketing strategy) and Theo Fleury and Kim Barthel (creating a new co-brand “Conversations with a Rattlesnake”) linked to their established individual brands.

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