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Marketing Consultation and Services

Target Market Analysis Summary

The target market is defined by the customer’s needs that create the market; we at InspireABook Publishing Coaching know how important it is to understand your target audience and current demographic. We look into and research the current audience and the audience we want to break into; our marketing strategy fully reflects this.

Value Proposition

For authors and companies looking for opportunities to increase their chances at success, InspireABook Publishing Coaching offers a set of services designed to improve overall marketing. Unlike traditional publishing companies that do not even offer marketing services for the book, InspireABook Publishing Coaching focuses on working with the author, and their goals, to implement concrete, practical actions that are designed to use the book as the marketing tool that will better support and grow the audience.

Marketing Objectives

  • The ultimate objectives of our marketing strategy are:
  • Create more awareness around your expert content and your brand.
  • Expand and increase audience for your products and services.
  • Expand distribution and marketing opportunities for the book.
  • Expand speaking and public awareness opportunities.

Executive Summary

By assisting to bring the published book to market through marketing strategies and established distribution throughout North America, the goal is to expand the awareness of the personal brand of the author, their business and the book.

To carry out this project the following services would need to be carried out to research the appropriate market and then target the readership with specific marketing campaigns. Costs are calculated on an hourly basis and some services would be considered “optional” advertising costs.

Phase One


We will carry out the research required to find the target audience that we will be marketing to. This list will include specific associations and organizations that would be interested in your expertise, as well as social media groups (that use specific keyword # tags for your subject area). We will also research a specific media list to send press releases for your demographic for traditional TV, radio and press and digital media blogs, online magazines and newspapers and podcast shows.

  • Initial Target Market database creation
  • Initial Speaking Opportunities research and follow up
  • Initial Specific Media List research
  • Initial competitor analysis

Phase Two

Strategy and Planning

This 12 month marketing plan will set the “tasks” that need to be implemented on a monthly basis. Whether these tasks are implemented by the author, their marketing assistant or a contracted marketing assistant under our direction, depends on the level of service purchased.

The marketing plan and strategy will be reviewed on a monthly basis to ascertain the success and effectiveness of the implementation.
Initial Marketing and Publicity Plan & Strategy – delegating task using “Todoist”.
Reviewed every month (11 times) and tasks updated.
Initial Digital Marketing Strategy (social media campaign)
Reviewed every month (11 times) and tasks updated

 Specific Actions:

Review Website content and strategy to best support the promotion and call to action for the book
SMO (Social Media Optimization) and social media marketing strategy
Online Creative Campaign Strategies such as competitions
A strategy for a Kickstarter Campaign to create buzz and sponsorship
Strategy to search relevant forums and start discussions
Strategy and templates to create an Amazon Bestseller Campaign
Strategy for Email Campaigns tailored to promote your book
Strategy to develop Newsletter Campaigns to target audience
Strategy to develop Publicity Campaigns to best promote your book (including press releases, campaign letters and event collateral)
Strategy to create your own blog and develop consistent content to attract media attention
Create strategy to write and submit relevant articles for media attention
Create strategy to pitch speaker opportunities including conference and trade show speaker applications, meeting planner research and HR departments.
Initial marketing for the book launch includes:

  • Creation of Press Kit and sales page and webpage (for the media and buyers)
  • Press release written and distributed to target media for book announcement
  • Strategy and support for launch event, live and/or online
  • Strategy for Amazon pre-order best seller campaign
  • Strategy for Amazon reviews
  • Provide strategic list of professional book reviewers and book review copies

Phase Three – Ongoing monthly marketing review and strategy

Specific Actions:

Academic research and Pitch University Curriculum Professors (review copies)
Press kit updated on a monthly basis and made available in print and digital format as media exposure is added
Press release written and sent out to media list for events and campaigns (minimum 12 over a 12 month period).
Blog Tour across North America, specific to your readership for maximum exposure
Credible Online and offline Book Reviews
Online Book Reviews on Amazon
Initial Podcast interview (strategic planned interview to use in the press kit and media collateral) plus distribution on itunes etc.Research and pitch subject specific podcasts and online radio interviews across North America

Targeted Online and TV, Radio and Press Outreach to pitch interviews and articles that promote the book.
Social Media Review and/or Training and Set Up if required.
Research and find Joint Venture and Sponsorship opportunities

Publicity Plan & Strategy – delegating task using “Todoist”
Reviewed every month (11 times) and tasks updated
Digital Marketing Strategy (social media campaign)
Reviewed every month (11 times) and tasks updated
Monthly (12) Marketing Meetings with Marketing Director/Manager

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