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When Police Become Prey

The Cold Hard Facts of Neil Stonechild’s Freezing Death
By: Candis McLean

Two officers described as ‘God’s gift to the Native community’ were never tried in a court of law, yet implicated through a public inquiry in a decade-old Aboriginal freezing death, and fired. All this during a time of great confusion, beneath an emotional cloud of alleged racism. The cold, hard fact is: now the dust has settled, not a single Saskatoon police officer was ever found involved in a single freezing death. Citizens are asking: ‘If, the justice system can assign blame to two reputable officers without any real evidence – how safe are we?

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Launching her career with a regular column in the Yorkton Enterprise at the age of 16, Candis McLean earned a BA and MA in English from the University of Saskatchewan before moving with her geologist husband to Calgary. There she worked in print and radio, winning the Canadian Radio and Television News Directors award for outstanding work in the documentary field. Her proudest moment came in 2004 when her cover story about forgotten victims of tainted blood transfusions was placed on the desk of every MP, and a parliamentary committee later unanimously voted to open the compensation fund to all victims. “[Your article] put a face to the plight of the victims,” wrote a spokesperson with the Canadian Hemophilia Society, “and created a blueprint on how the government could move forward.”
In 2005, Candis teamed up with son, Stuart, to produce a film documentary, When Police Become Prey: What Lies Behind “Starlight Tours.” After screenings in Canadian centres, their film won the coveted award, “Audience Choice for Best Documentary,” at the 2010 New Hope Film Festival in Pennsylvania. Pursuing her interest in Aboriginal peoples, she worked with Vancouver lawyer Calvin Helin on his book Dances with Dependency: Indigenous Success through Self-reliance, which became an international best-seller. Her hope is that this book, WHEN POLICE BECOME PREY: The Cold, Hard Facts of Neil Stonechild’s Freezing Death, puts a face to the plight of police victims of racist “justice,” and creates a blueprint on how government can move forward.

Price: $28.95ca
Publication Date: November 1, 2015
ISBN: 9781771411462
390 pages 6×9

Interview by “Women of Influence Radio”.

InspireABook Authors Published by Influence Publishing

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InspireABook Authors & Their Self Published Books

A sample of InspireABook Alumni who have followed the InspireABook system and benefited from private coaching, all of the students below found their publishers through my assistance.

My Wonderful Nightmare

Spiritual Journals inspired by Cancer – by Erin Higgins and Alma Lightbody

A diagnosis of ovarian cancer at thirty-one throws Erin’s body into crisis but it becomes a time of enlightenment for her soul. As she faces The Beast head-on she uses her journals as a form of therapy and through the process of fearless self-disclosure her true purpose begins to awaken from within.

Erin is a storyteller and now has the opportunity to help others and teach about her process through journalling. She shares her experiences, treatments, therapy, research, and especially her inner turmoil, with profound honesty. During this journey the wisdom she knows intuitively becomes a reality.

In the face of impending death, Erin’s life purpose and love for humanity blooms. With the hope of reaching at least one person she reaches the hearts of millions through her inspiring journals.

Erin leaves us with much to muse on. Deep gratitude to you, Erin

Alma Lightbody  Buy the Book Now

50ish – A Journey to 50 countries in 50 weeks interviewing women in their 50’s

One night when Donna was having trouble sleeping, worrying about her mom, and wondering what the future held, someone sent her the Facebook world map, that has you pin in all the places you have travelled. She pinned away, and realized she had seen 43 countries in her life. Travel has been her passion for years and when she finally fell asleep she dreamt of travelling to 50 countries in 50 weeks and interviewing women in their 50s. When she woke up she wrote the dream down and realized this was what the future held for her. She also decided to write a book about it. The idea of meeting other women who were 50 and actually interacting with the locals in other countries, rather than just sight-seeing seemed like a great plan to overcome her grief and grasp being 50 in a positive way.

Her mother died peacefully, but surprisingly less than 3 months from her diagnosis and Donna took little time to pursue her dream. From the moment the idea came to her, until the moment she pushed to button to send the book to the printer, she never once thought it couldn’t be done. She may have questioned her sanity a few times after weeks and weeks of constant travel, grueling heat, and the odd cranky tour mate, but always discovered a new site, or had a compelling interview, or tasted a new food, or started playing with local kids and she remembered why she was there.

“50ish” is the story of the journey and the interviews with the women she met. You will find that she did indeed manage to travel to 50 countries in 50 weeks. She found women in 40 of the countries who were willing to answer her questions about marriage, religion, education, menopause and more. The book is full of amusing tales, compelling interviews and interesting travel ideas. Are 50ish women around the world happy? Read the book to find out.

You will not want to stop reading after each chapter, wondering “Where to next?”

Buy the Book Now


Re-Write Your Life

A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our Lives

Re-Write Your Life is a unique guided writing experience that empowers you to let go of old resentments, hurts and regrets and make peace with your past so you can rejoice in your life today. It is based on June Swadron’s hugely successful workshops where she assists participants to see the true meaning and value in every story they have lived. From this perspective there are no victims.

June teaches this process not only through brilliant writing techniques but also through sharing her own personal, evocative and  poignant life stories – including her battle with bi-polar illness. Also woven throughout these pages are the stories of 33 other contributing writers that will inspire, and delight you. Re-Write Your Life guides you to pick up your pen and start writing your own transformational stories.

“June Swadron is both a guide and a muse. Her book is a bright lantern, illuminating the often dark and tricky terrain of the soul. Grounded in personal experience, her techniques catalyze the deep authenticity possible to us all.”

Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

“Touching and potentially life altering…invites the reader into a rich tapestry of personal soul writings…. Human struggles and joys are interwoven with practical tools that catalyze a writing journey into healing. This is a book to savour, cherish and recommend without reservation.”

Carol Douglas, MD, FRCPC Psychiatry

“If you want to be the best you can be, Re-Write Your Life is the perfect guide to getting clear about what’s true today and what’s a story of the past that deprives you of happiness.”

T. Harv Eker, author of NY Times bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

June Swadron has spent the last twenty years guiding thousands of students in writing and sharing their life stories through a deep and powerful process that completely transformed how they experienced their life journey.

June is also a speaker, playwright, certified Life Skills Coach and Psychotherapist. She received her clinical designation with the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists in 1996 and currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

More information at



Peace of Mind:Care of the Caregiver

Care of the Caregiver is an easy-to-follow and practical working guide to help families and friends navigate the vital details of everyday life while caring for a loved one at home during a chronic or debilitating illness.




When Lynn Longmuir’s husband Niall was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis in 1996, Lynn gradually found herself in a full time care-giving role with limited resources and no way of knowing how to deal with her own grief and pain.

Taking care of someone you love is difficult and taking care of yourself in the process, without help, is practically impossible. After discovering how difficult to access and few resources existed for caregivers, she dedicated herself to ensuring that others in her situation have both the practical and emotional tools to be strong for themselves and their loved ones. Lynn is able to bring a voice of experience and compassion to this important topic.


Dr. Scott’s

Verbal Self Defense in The Workplace

Proven Psychological Secrets to Help You Beat the Office Bully

This book will guide the reader through a detailed process of learning and practicing all the skills necessary to verbally defend themselves effectively in a professional manner.

The exercises will include learning how to properly consider other people’s perceptions while still respecting and adhering to their own personal morals and principles, all within the structure and expectations of the company.

Dr. Scott’s Verbal Self Defense in The Workplace is written primarily for general office workers and service industry staff; anyone who deals with individuals that become angry or confrontational with an organization’s employees and volunteers.


Keeping Good Employees Onboard

Employee Retention: Strategies to Navigate Through the Economic Storm

Whether you’re an owner, a manager or a supervisor in a small to medium sized business, you can learn the ropes of proven employee retention tactics. Through case study examples, the author’s research on why employees leave (you’ll be surprised), and development of a practical action plan you will begin to transform your workplace.

Start tomorrow…

Increase Employee Engagement – which increases productivity and Reduces Staff Turnover – which increases your bottom line. Written in a practical and memorable framework using the metaphor of sailing ships, this guide will have you steering your company ship with more confidence and with a focus on that one resource that we all say are so valuable – our employees.


The author,Dawn McCooey has over 20 years experience in her employment and business consulting practice. She obtained a Master of Arts degree at Royal Roads University where she is an Associate Faculty. Dawn managed her company of up to 32 employees and was voted “Best Boss In Victoria” by the Vancouver Island Business Examiner.

Her extensive local and offshore sailing background and experience helped her to create this unique nautical theme for an important business subject. Take the helm, keep your good employees onboard, and have some fun on this journey. Bon Voyage.

Keeping Good Employees Onboard  Buy the book now



Explore Victoria—Bench by Bench:
A Creative Guide to over 60 Intriguing Spots  – Rebecca Kennel

Rebecca Kennel is the author of a unique guidebook about Victoria, British Columbia, that provides information that makes it easy to find intriguing places in and around the city. Kennel herself loves exploring and discovering new places wherever she goes. Her love of writing, observing humanity and her appreciation for natural spaces brought her to produce this book to encourage others to get outside and really experience Victoria.

Do you want to experience rather than sightsee? Gain insight into Victoria’s rich cultural and natural history? Be rejuvenated and inspired?

Come with Rebecca Kennel as she takes you on a journey of discovery in and around spectacular Victoria, British Columbia. Visit historic sites and gardens; cemeteries and viewpoints; shipyards and restored creeks. Using pieces of local history and personal reflections, she introduces you to over 60 benches and inspires curiosity and creativity.

You will gain a unique perspective of Victoria and a connection to who and where you are. Whether you are here for a day or have lived here all your life, this delightful guidebook will enrich your experience in Victoria.

To purchase or read more, go to HERE


During the 1970’s, female pilots on any continent were few and far between. Overcoming personal tragedy and limited schooling, “Kucki” von Gerlach attained her private pilot’s license in early 1969 at the age of 23, the first woman to do so in Namibia, then called South West Africa. She went on to become the first female commercial airline pilot in South Africa

Her entertaining memoir recounts her challenges, triumphs and joys of being a twentieth-century aviation pioneer. You’ll be inspired by her determination, her passion and her indomitable spirit.

Kucki Low now lives in Vancouver, Canada and is an inspirational speaker. Check out her website for more information.


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Books Published by WSA Publishing

asthma curedMavreen Jones
asthma Cured: A Breath by Breath Journey to Health

This book explores in a different way, how to look at asthma, or as my mother used to call it (ask ma). It is a step off the usual path of thinking that medication is the only way to go. Are you ready to open your mind to all sorts of different and wonderful ideas?  An open mind is like an open book; possibilities abound and discoveries may be just a thought away.

So, go ahead, open this book and see where it takes you. It might be a roller coaster ride; it may be frustrating at times; even annoying. It is all part of opening up to the possibility that it is not necessary to ‘learn to live’ with asthma; you can do something about it and discover you while doing so. To breathe is to live and breathing on the instalment plan, which is how I always thought of the asthma, is not living at all; it is existing and where is the fun in that?

Make the decision to live fully with every breath you take!


Mavreen was born in Australia and has lived for many years in Vancouver. Holistic or whole body healing has been an interest of hers since discovering Hatha Yoga as a teenager. As a child she suffered from week long attacks of asthma and a lifetime quest to discover the actual cause led her to try many  different techniques. After a life threatening attack of asthma, which included an ‘out of body’ experience, temporary paralysis and six weeks in hospital, she finally came upon a technique which enabled her to connect with the causes and take steps to eradicate it altogether. Consequently there has been no re-occurrence of the asthma attacks since 1990.

Mavreen has also given talks on the importance of healing the whole body to the asthma support group of New Westminster as well the Metaphysical  Society in Surrey BC.

Tapping on WingsCarol Anne Arnim
Tapping on the Wings of Angels: A Journal of Spiritual Synchronicity and Messages with the Other Side

This thought-provoking book will have you question all that you know about communications at a spiritual level. Carol Ann explores conversations from the other side with her departed husband Robert, Archangel Michael, and other spirits. She converses with her earthly dogs and ones on the other side. She is heartbroken having to deal with the coming death of her former service dog puppy, Spirit, and her brother, Roger. Thanks to her telepathy, Carol Ann accomplishes her goal of having a still heart about the deaths of her brother and two of her former service dog puppies that she trained. In the process, her spiritual bond with her solo dog Mystic deepens.

Carol Ann learns through telepathic messaging that her departed husband Robert desires to return as a walk-in. This is a process of soul exchange between a being on the other side and an adult on Earth. Suspend your disbelief as you engage in her one-of-a-kind path. You will experience her joys and her lows as she questions the unique challenges to her heart and world.

Thanks to an unexpected event she is led to discover the powerful tapping modality, FasterEFT. In the end, her inner exploits lead to a deeper unveiling of her authentic self and Carol Ann discovers true fulfillment.

Carol AnnBiography

Life has gifted me with the opportunity to become very involved with volunteerism since the death of my beloved husband, Robert, twenty years ago. Two Labrador retrievers were by my side when I invited in a third four-footed earth-angel dog, named Laverne. She was a puppy in training for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Turning her in for advanced training to become a guide dog was so horrific that the only option for me to survive the pain was to get another puppy to raise. The second puppy then became a third, then a fourth, and finally a fifth.

Always with a working dog by my side, I did extensive volunteering one-on-one with cancer patients and also hospice patients. The process of grieving and healing opened me to various healing modalities. I was like a sponge and could not get enough in my quest to learn and grow spiritually as I slowly healed my heart.

My desire to publish my life adventures manifested in my writing Crossing My Rainbow Bridge, from the solitude and beauty of Prince Edward Island. I share the magic and heart challenges after my arrival to my island home in this current publication.

I am now blessed to continue my passion of assisting others through my business, Creating What You Desire, as a certified FasterEFT practitioner.

From Ow to WOW 2Amber Rose Dullea
From Ow to WoW!: Five Steps to Thriving with Pain

With the challenges of opioids that face our society, people with chronic pain often feel ostracized and stigmatized. This simple five step program guides you to discover many different ways of treating and managing your chronic pain so that you can go from suffering to thriving and create a life beyond chronic pain.

Amber Rose Dullea shares the five steps that changed her life and the lives of her clients.

  • Step One: You are the Expert on You
  • Step Two: Know Your Treatment and Pain Management Options
  • Step Three: Build Your Community
  • Step Four: Engage Your Passions, Purpose and Life
  • Step Five: Live Mindfully and Thrive

Amber roseBiography

Amber Rose Dullea, MA, M.Div. is an inspiring coach, speaker and author. She brings an embodied compassion to her work due to living for over a decade with Fibromyalgia and chronic migraines. She combines compassion and humor with her background as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Her nurturing coaching skills support individuals who live with chronic pain to thrive again by finding and living their Wow!

Amber Rose earned her Master’s Degree in Whole Systems Design with a focus on Personal and Planetary Healing from Antioch University in Seattle, Master of Divinity in Interfaith and New Thought from New West Seminary, and a B.A. Special Major in Peace and Conflict Studies. She has served as faculty at Marylhurst University, Oregon School of Massage, Renton Community College and serves as Secretary on the Mastering Pain Institute, Portland Progressive Toastmasters Boards of Directors, and is a public member on the Oregon Pain Management Commission.

Sexy Secon ActSue Koch
Sexy Second Act: How to Remodel Your Life with Passion, Purpose, and a Paycheck!

The hottest people know that being sexy is about a lot more than what happens between the sheets. That’s just mechanics.

Sexy is about living a life that is creative, confident, passionate, generous, and authentic.

If you haven’t been living the deliciously juicy life of your dreams, it’s not too late to remodel. In this fun, inspirational, and light-hearted book, Career and Life Design Coach Sue Koch offers a combination of stories, personal insights, and exercises to help you design a Sexy Second Act life and career that combines Passion, Purpose, and a Paycheck!®.

Sue KochBiography

Sue’s coaching career was launched as a result of her personal journey through a mid-life career transition. This experience launched her desire to help clients design richly fulfilling “Sexy, Second Act Careers” that combine Passion, Purpose, and a Paycheck!®

Her mission is to help her clients face any career or life transition with curiosity, courage, and confidence. Using a variety of personalized tools, assessments and techniques, she guides her clients to discover their own paths leading to integrated and deeply fulfilling lives. She helps her clients in the following ways:

Discover what they are passionate about

Design an empowering job fit strategy that aligns with their passions

Develop a sense of personal entrepreneurship and career ownership

Rediscover joy and meaning in their professional and personal lives

See new possibilities for designing a Sexy Second Act Career and Life that includes Passion, Purpose and a Paycheck!®

Sue’s clients say she has the capacity to believe in their dreams for them until they can do so on their own. Through training, solid experience, curiosity, and a genuine love for people, Sue has developed a compassionate and fun-loving approach to help clients transition into independent, flexible, and rewarding “Sexy Second Act Careers”.

Sue’s “Sexy Second Act” career was launched as the result of a corporate down-sizing. She’s faced what her clients are facing. She is the poster child for what many people, especially Baby Boomers, are doing to create new careers that combine Passion, Purpose, and a Paycheck®.

ParentingKaeli Van Regan
Parenting Your Way: From Tough Love to Enough Love

Are you are a parent that struggles with some of the methods you currently use to parent? Do you find yourself acting out of habit?

Do you want to be able to help your child feel successful and happy?

Do you want to share your personal values?

As you parent from your values you can support a successful and happy life for your child.

The messages in this book will support you by bringing new ideas without judgment. You will be exposed to concepts that evoke thought in a way that will give you the opportunity to find what is best for your family.


Kaeli was brought up with an appreciation of nature and gratitude for life. As a dancer she experienced the pureness of leading from the heart and living a healthy lifestyle.

She has explored careers in the areas of teaching ballet and other dance forms including JourneyDance™.

During her career as a Child and Youth Counselor she worked in a variety of settings including schools and detention centers. She also spent time doing leadership training for adults, youth, Co-operatives, and non-profit businesses.

She has continued her education in the area of natural health and well-being, energy healing, and life coaching. Her gifts include integrating her learning and experience to help people develop in their own lives.

She lives in Old Ottawa East near the beautiful Brantwood Park with her family. She and her life partner enjoy their 3 kids and are living a life of joy everyday.


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