How to Get a book Published!

A simple system to get organized and get published

  • Do you want a simple system to help you  transform your writing into a book?
  • Do you have lots of material already in the form of journal notes, essays and newsletters/blog notes and want to know how to organize them into a book?
  • Do you just have an idea or a picture and a burning need to get a message out there?
  • Are you half way through your manuscript or think you have finished, and need to know what the next step is?

The InspireABook system guides you with worksheets and templates to organize your ideas and content into a book format and gives you all the information you need to understand how to get published.  If you follow the program, listen to the advice and are committed, you have an excellent chance of finishing your book within six months.

If you attend a weekend Intensive workshop, I guarantee that at the end of the two day workshop you will have:

  • Working title/sub-title, synopsis/back page sales copy
  • Table of contents and working chapter titles and a clear writing plan!
  • A clear plan how to publish your book!

Plus you qualify for entry into the InspireABook Author circle that helps you get published and harnesses the power of combined databases to help market your book.

I can make this guarantee because I have achieved this with hundreds of writers who have attended my Intensive weekend workshop!

My personal vision for InspireABook is to inspire every author to be authentic and talk from their heart  and understand the importance of their own message and what they want to communicate to the readers of their book.


What is the process to get my book published?

If you are willing to educate yourself to give voice to your purpose you are already half way to winning a publishing contract.

STEP ONE: Of a four step process

Register for the next InspireABook Mastermind Publishing Circle OR Register for one on one coaching and manuscript review.

Mastermind Publishing Circle:
Only 8 people qualify each month.
The Mastermind course is facilitated by the publisher, not a book coach who has no experience or ability to actually help you get your book published.

One on One Coaching via telephone video:
Coaching at your pace, whether you have just an idea or a manuscript half finished, coaching sessions are one hour with the publisher.

How does the Mastermind Circle help me get published?
The circle facilitates critical thinking to shift your paradigm of the purpose of a book. A book gives voice to your purpose. The Mastermind Circle empowers you to understand how important your message is! It helps you to clarify and crystallize the purpose of your book.

Why a Mastermind Circle and why only 8 people?
The publisher facilitates a mastermind circle of like-minded visionaries and new thought leaders to harness the bigger picture of the understanding how your message can make a world of difference in business and life.

Still scratching for more education on publishing your book?
Listen to a live recorded teleseminar with Julie Salisbury.

Listen Now

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