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The InspireABook Workshop and workbook – everything you need to get your book written, published and marketed!

What will you learn?

Class One – Motivation and Obstacles, Features and Benefits
What kind of book are you writing? Who is your reader? Why do you want them to read it? What will they learn? This will help you get a tight focus for your book, enable you to present your "sales pitch" and work on the outline for your book.

Class Two – Creating the Title Pages
"We are not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but we do!". If your book does not look professional inside and out you lose your credibility and book stores will not stock your book.  Use the InspireABook™ templates to produce a professional layout just like the mainstream publishers! We will teach you how to write a winning back page sales copy and pick a winning title and cover.

Class Three - Organizing the Chapters and Content
The InspireABook™ binder gives you a simple “build your book”  template to organize and capture your moments of inspiration.

Class Four – Review, Chapter Titles and Layout
Is your book organized chronologically by memorable moments or key points? Have you used quotations, photographs, letters and journal notes? How do you decide what size your book should be, what font to use, how wide your margins should be, as well as the placement of headers, footers and titles?

Class Five – Getting Ready for Publishing – Edits & Reviews
If you think your book is finished, think again! Learn how to do your own first draft edit, content edit, peer review, fact check, second draft evaluation, final proof read, and save money on professional editing services.

Class Six – Publishing Layout and Format
Setting your page size and margins to suit your book size, getting the digital file ready for printing. 

Class Seven – The Marketing Plan
Take control of your own book!  Don’t pay for the services of an expensive publicist when you can do it yourself!  Most big publishing houses don’t tell you that your advance will barely cover the cost of your book tour accommodation and transportation.  Did you know that traditional publishers expect a marketing plan with the submission of your manuscript and probably won’t even look at it without one?  Did you know that the average royalty works out to around $1 a book and you sign over all the rights?

If you want to be discovered learn how to market yourself to get noticed!  Mark Twain, Beatrix Potter and Margaret Atwood all self-published their first book and took control of their own destiny!

Class Eight – How to get TV/Radio/Newspaper interviews
Bookstores might make your book available, but it’s up to you to drive people there to buy it!  It is up to you to create the demand!  Your local media loves to report on their local authors and we show you how to write a press release and where to send it.

Special Coaching Package

Includes 8 x 30min one-on-one personal coaching telephone sessions and the leather workbook complete with worksheets, templates and email feedback for each lesson!  DETAILS!

An 8 week one on one telephone coaching session featuring the well-acclaimed InspireABook system

ONLY $495us
(includes leather InspireABook workbook)

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Choose from a two day intensive workshop or a week long retreat to get your book project started, accelerated or finished!

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Option Three – Telephone Coaching and the InspireABook™

You will receive the leather briefcase style workbook, 8 x 30 minute telephone coaching sessions and personal feedback on the worksheets by email for just $495.

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Option Four – In-house workshops for your company/business association or network group. Would your staff benefit from the InspireABook™ workshop?

Would your departmental management benefit from writing a book on your organization as a promotional product?  Learn how to use a business book as a powerful marketing tool!
Do you want to encourage your staff’s creative abilities and help them write their memoirs or about their travel experiences or hobbies?