InspireABook Publishing Workshop Retreats

Past Retreat
In beautiful Sidney, BC

The Inspire-A-Book  Four Day Publishing Workshop Retreat
Get away from it all

Current Retreats HERE

“I especially valued the time spent sharing our own emerging book ideas.  To be heard and to receive other’s ideas were both excellent.”  Ramona McKean

Do you have valuable, unique information that needs to be published? The InspireABook Mastermind workshop is facilitated by a publisher who has ten year’s experience and has published 100 books and made them best sellers.

  • Do you want a simple system to help you transform your writing into a book?
  • Do you have lots of material already in the form of journal notes, essays and newsletters/blog notes and want to know how to organize them into a book?
  • Do you just have an idea or a picture and a burning need to get a message out there?
  • Are you half way through your manuscript or think you have finished, and need to know what the next step is?

“Thank you so much for everything, Julie! You have changed my life. Thank you so much!! Meeting you is another of those “right on time miracles” in my life!! Very sincerely.”
Linda Gharid

The InspireABook Mastermind system is facilitated by the Publisher. The Mastermind publishing circle harnesses the collaborative, transformational talent of like-minded writers, facilitating a space to clarify and crystallize the purpose of your book. The Publisher gently guides the circle to transform the vision of each book into the bigger purpose of how that message can make a difference in the world. If you follow the program, listen to the advice and are committed, we will then guide you to the best publishing option for your book.

“It was therapy included, by drawing the real me out of myself so that I could produce authentic writing from the soul.  How it should be!  I love your radiant enthusiam.”

An overview of the new 3-day Publishing WorkshopVIEW HERE

NOW with a guarantee!

When you attend the Mastermind Circle you will clearly understand the purpose of your book and will work on the “packaging” to ensure you are delivering the key message (whether your book is just an idea or you are half way through or you have completed the manuscript) I guarantee that at the end of the two-day circle you will have:

  • Working title/sub-title, synopsis/back page sales copy
  • Table of contents and working chapter titles and a clear writing plan!
  • A clear plan how to publish your book!

This workshop gave me a new way to conceptualize the topic
Susan Blackwood

Great workshop, lots of information covered over 2 days, helped me identify a theme, excellent worksheets for building my back page sales copy, as well as helpful feedback from the group
Jo-Ann Loro (fiction writer)

InspireABook workshops

What you will learn:

Want to accelerate your book project?  This workshop will jump start you and put you on track!  Even if you come to this workshop with just vague ideas, you will leave with a clear writing plan and understand your publishing options.

I guarantee you will have a synopsis, working title/subtitle, Table of contents and working chapter titles!

Got Questions?

A brief recap of how the InspireABook program was developed and an overview of the workshops and webinars available. – VIEW HERE

Recent testimonials

This workshop got me motivated and gave me a step by step process I can follow to get the job done
Rachelle Lamb

This was exactly what I needed, providing a structure for organizing my writing and ideas
Rebecca Kennel

Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement this last weekend.  I have gone from being extremely unsure and not having any confidence in either my story or abilities to knowing that I can actually do this. Your workshop was superb and really gave me all the basics to tackle this at my own speed and way.  I’ve told a handful of people close to me and they are all pumped.  So after two years – I’m ready.  So thank you so much.  You are very gifted and working in your sweet spot.  I look forward to working with you in the future.
Barb Horton

Don’t know about you, but I’m still pumped, still on a high. My kids politely suggest that I could come down any time, preferably soon. Not a chance! That was such a great weekend – you were a stimulating group to be with. I got so much from it, in terms of learning, support and laughter.Now I’m going back to my book. Best regards

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