Everything you ever wanted to know about publishing your book

Intro video on the Inspireabook process.


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Podcast interview on the “Real Cost” of publishing a book.



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All you need to know about book publishing Part 3

Are you frustrated with waiting to be “accepted” by a traditional publisher or agent? Podcast

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Everything you need to get published and your options – 2 week Program – Retail $295

3. Publish

  • We educate authors and writers on what is happening in the publishing world today
  • We educate and empower writers and authors on the traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing options.
  • We review the pros and cons of the different publishing avenues and what’s best for you
  • We teach writers and authors how to write and submit a publishing proposal
  • We go through the step by step checklist of what authors and writers need to publish their book
  • We explain the importance of forward and testimonials and how and where to get them
  • We guide you through the editing, production, and typesetting process so you are prepared.
  • We explain all the distribution options online and how to get your book displayed in book stores
  • We talk about the pricing and investment you make and how to get a return on your investment

Fall intake starts October 22nd

For more info on this and our other programs (make links live back to webinar page) “Get Started or unstuck” – 5 week program “Promote your book” – 2 week program “Publish your book” – 2 week program “Prioritize, Publish, Produce and Promote – 8 week program

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