Find Your Purpose in Your Story

Your Life Story holds the clues to your purpose. I challenge you to dig deeper into your story to understand how your life experiences can help other people and create an income in the process! There are many companies out there promising you to “get rich quick” by publishing your story, what the InspireABook program does, is helps you to identify how your unique story connects you to your audience. It all starts with your story and only by picking up the clues of your life can you truly understand how to turn your experiences into learning moments to inspire other people who have been in similar situations. We all want to find purpose and make a 6 figure income doing it. InspireAbook provides the foundation to turn your story into a thriving business on purpose!

Contact us today to determine what your true purpose is and how you can you can make a 6 figure income doing it!

Writing a book is a life changing event and it stands to reason that you will be introduced to new and interesting people as you grow with the experience. One of those life changing people for me is my publisher, Julie Salisbury, founder of Influence Publishing. She is highly intuitive and has an extreme case of caring, which she conveys through her vision of helping others bring their messages to the world. She wears her style with grace as she combines curious wonder, sensitivity, and remarkable foresight as to what needs to be done so others can follow their dreams. Writing is a very personal endeavour and it requires you to be totally intimate as you bring your past, your fears, and your true capabilities to light. She never faltered and always encouraged me to walk through every door–whether I want to or not–as I went deeper into the writing process. With Julie, there was plenty of laughter and fun and we both surprised each other as concepts, opinions, and views about many things including our feminine sexuality were explored and exposed while this book was emerging. Writing through her is an experience in itself. I know in my heart, with Julie, I have a friend for life.”
Sandy Glaze, Author of “Ending Global Loneliness” Founder of Relearning Life Coaching

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