How Does the InspireABook Program Work?

InspireABook Publishing Program


The InspireABook Publishing Program is designed to support you in your journey as an author, no matter where you currently are in the writing process. It offers a clear, step-by-step process that will take you from original idea, to complete writing plan, to creating a weekly writing goal that will allow you to finalize your manuscript in just 16 weeks. Our process is very unique as, unlike most writing programs, we start with the end goal and work backwards!

For those just ready to begin, InspireABook will help you organize all the relevant part of your materials and ideas into a simple format that is clear and easy to work with. If you have already begun the writing process, this program will help you effectively evaluate what you have written so far and place it into a structure and flow that addresses the purpose of the book.  Lastly, for those who have finished the writing process, or are already published and want to take your book to the next level, this program will help you understand how to package your message for the best chance of success.

Did you know the past story of your life is a guide to your purpose and calling? Are you ready to help others by sharing your story? Then this program is for you. InspireABook is designed to support writers who are willing to deeply explore their life experiences, recognize the unique hero’s journey found within and then effectively share this message through a purpose driven story.  The process will help you thread the pieces of your story together in a way that unifies your life experiences with what you do and your WHY – the reason you do it. Understanding your WHY will allow you clients to connect with you on a much deeper level, helping you create stronger business relationships that last.

This 16-week InspireABook program (full outline below) begins with a live webinar that runs for 8 weeks and operates like a university course. You are given weekly deadlines to submit your writing assignments and are given important feedback. This section is followed by 8 weeks of accountability while you work on the first draft, held on both a private Facebook group and a live Q & A. These deadlines must be met if you are to achieve your book’s publication date, a commitment made by you at the start of your course. If you miss your deadlines, you won’t reach your goal of publication. And just like a university course, tuition fees are non-refundable.


Idea to Finished book – guaranteed if you follow all the steps and deadlines.

Normally $1995 US dollars

Special for the first 10 registrants only

American Residents
$1495 US
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$1569.75 US
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Full Outline for the InspireABook 16-Week Publishing Program

Semester One

Week One – Live Interactive Webinar

Outcome: Each participant will have a clear picture of what their book is about, who is the target reader, what the reader will learn from their book and what the purpose of the book is – by answering a series of questions.

The Formula for creating your elevator pitch/Synopsis is shared.
Homework assignments for presentation to the group next week.

Week Two – Live Interactive Webinar

Everyone MUST submit their Elevator pitch/synopsis prior to week two for the facilitator to comment on.

Authors present their Elevator pitch and we discuss to provide group learning opportunities
Facilitator instructs how to create title and sub-title and cover concepts.
Submit homework worksheet 3 and 4 for week three class.
Facilitator discusses other front matter for book – why we judge a book by its cover.
Facilitator briefs worksheet 5 – author bio – to be submitted for week three.

Week Three – Live Interactive Webinar

Addresses questions, submitted author bios for discussion
Facilitator picks title and sub-title examples and cover ideas for discussion
Encourages pairs and groups to discuss their titles off line
Outcome: Review of content to date – Everyone should have the following completed:
Title, Sub-title and cover concept ideas, Synopsis/Elevator pitch and Author Bio.
Facilitator briefs mind map exercise to start work on your chapter plan

Week four – Live Interactive Webinar

Facilitator shows examples of how to interpret mind map (picked from submissions)
Authors go back to pairs and share on skype or google hangouts their mind maps
Facilitator talks through how to create the writing plan, chapter by chapter
Outcome: Writing plans are submitted on Facebook by week 5 deadline

Week five – Private Facebook group

Writing goals are confirmed for each author based on their writing plan – each writer will know what that are writing about for each 1000 word goal.  The 1000 word goals are listed in a plan and any goal can be written each day – it does not have to be in chronological chapter order.
Average goal is 1000 words a day, 5000 words a week = One Chapter.  Average book has 8 chapters = 40,000 words = 200 page book.
Authors commit to launch dates and writing, editing and publishing timeline
Accountability partners selected.

Semester Two

First chapter is submitted for review before the start of week six.

Week Six – Private Facebook group

Feedback on first chapters reviewed by group.
Second Chapter is submitted for review.

Week Seven – Private Facebook group

Feedback on second chapters reviewed by group.
Third Chapter is submitted for review

Week Eight – Private Facebook group

Feedback on third chapters reviewed by group.
Fourth Chapter is submitted for review

Week Nine – Private Facebook group

Feedback on fourth chapters reviewed by group.
Fifth Chapter is submitted for review

Week Ten – Private Facebook group

Feedback on fifth chapters reviewed by group.
Sixth Chapter is submitted for review.

Week Eleven – Private Facebook group

Feedback on sixth chapters reviewed by group.
Seventh Chapter is submitted for review

Week Twelve – Private Facebook group

Feedback on Seventh chapters reviewed by group.
Eighth/Final Chapter is submitted for reviewOutcome of Semester Two – First Draft completed (8 chapters)*

Semester Three

Publishing process – layout and formatting, book size, and editing process

Week Thirteen – Live Interactive webinar

Addresses questions re publishing process and editing process
Discuss publishing options, publishing contracts and production process

  • We educate authors and writers on what is happening in the publishing world today
  • We educate and empower writers and authors on the traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing options.
  • We review the pros and cons of the different publishing avenues and what’s best for you
  • We teach writers and authors how to write and submit a publishing proposal

Decide who needs further editing (editing is at extra cost)

Week Fourteen – Live Interactive webinar

The importance of Metadata (while editing process is happening).
Technical details and distribution – ISBN, CIP (Library of congress registration), BISSAC codes
Amazon categories, price point, confirm all book items – testimonials, author bio/picture, acknowledgments, dedication, table of contents, preface/introduction, foreword/afterword, sales page.

Week Fifteen – Live Interactive webinar

Reviewing and answering questions.

The production process – Interior Design (typesetting), Book Cover artwork and layout, setting up for distribution and preparing for Amazon Best Seller campaign.

Review all of the different avenues an author can take when marketing their book Support the author in creating realistic marketing objectives

  • Help the author write a marketing plan and strategy for their book
  • Explain how to write a press release and create a press kit that sells you and your brand (page 91) worksheet 8
  • The importance of book reviews and how to get them Explain how to get TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper interviews
  • The importance of social media, blogs, podcasts and interacting with your reader

Week Sixteen – Live Interactive webinar

Preparing for your Book launch

How to prepare for your marketing plan – using information you already worked on in worksheets 1, 2 and 5
How to fill in marketing strategy form to create your marketing plan
Book Launch Planning Guide
(and let’s attend each other’s launch parties!)


Idea to Finished book – guaranteed if you follow all the steps and deadlines.

Normally $1995 US dollars

Special for the first 10 registrants only

American Residents
$1495 US
Buy NowCanadian Residents with GST
$1569.75 US
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For those not ready to dive into the full process, InspireABook offers a great option which allows you the opportunity to dip your toes in and give writing a book a try. This 4 week webinar is called “Get Started.”


Prioritize and Produce 4 week Program – Retail $495

  1. Prioritize
  • Our system helps the author stay organized throughout the whole process of writing their book
  • Step by step achievable goals of 500 word assignments means you can finish your book in 3 months
  • Everything stays organized- chapter to chapter by using our unique techniques and worksheets
  • Writers can stay organized and jump between chapters. They don’t need to start at Chapter 1
  1. Produce
  • Our process helps the author build their story piece by piece, until it is complete and ready for editing
  • We show the author how they can find their target readership and which genre their book falls into.
  • We help the author conduct the initial research that guides them to producing a book that sells
  • We support the author in developing all of their metadata (bio, synopsis, cover, title, subtitle, keywords)

American Residents
$495.00 US

Buy NowCanadian Residents with GST
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