How to get a TED Talk WORKSHOP

The Inspire-A-Talk workshop is facilitated by TEDx Speaker Julie Salisbury. The workshop is created as a Mastermind circle that harnesses the collaborative, transformational talent of like-minded people, facilitating a space to clarify and crystallize the pitch for your TED talk.

“Ideas worth spreading” require courage as you are likely uncovering vulnerabilities and emotions you’ve potentially been hiding from the public face.

This is what makes a great TED speaker.  You need to be able to reach out to the audience by touching their hearts and bringing them into your story in a way they can relate to.

If you truly want to inspire and help people by sharing your story, you must be willing to be vulnerable and let people see your true emotions.  If you do not show your weakness and the side of you that struggled to find the courage to tell your story, your audience will not relate to you.  Your audience admires that courage and is relieved to see you, telling them, they are not alone, that you also fear judgement.  Only then does your audience know that you can authentically help them through their own fears, because you are the same as them, but just a little further ahead, willing to hold them by the hand to join you.

Two day workshop TBA

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