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Our team brings a mature and seasoned range of experience. Perhaps one of our strongest assets is our recognition that we are mostly servicing the 35 plus market and our team is mindful that digital marketing is quite different to the “baby boomer” more personal approach we were all raised with! Digital marketing now dominates the scene and “content” is king when it comes to effective marketing. We use our expertise of publishing 100 titles to hold your hand through the publishing process to ensure you don’t break the bank publishing your book and don’t get overwhelmed with #tags, blabs, vlogs, twitter and facebook! We talk YOUR language! now hold your hand through the publishing process to ensure you don’t break the bank publishing your book.

Julie Salisbury

Julie Salisbury


Julie is very active as head of the coaching and marketing department, utilizing her 20-year career in product development in the UK. She is the main coach and facilitator  of the InspireABook process and is supported by her Marketing team and Operations team to ensure everything runs smoothly. She is also the President of Influence Publishing, sister company to InspireABook.





Nina Shoroplova

Nina ShoroplovaSenior Editor

Nina Shoroplova loves working with words. She is the author of the Canadian best-selling history of Douglas Lake Cattle Company, Cattle Ranch (Douglas & McIntyre, North Vancouver, 1979) and Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom (Influence Publishing, North Vancouver, September 2015).

A Communications Major from Simon Fraser University, Nina also works as an editor; she is able to assess the best structure to support a story, plus ensure that the detail delivering it is accurate.

She has been working with writers and authors since the early 1980s in a range of capacities: newsletter publisher, correspondent for the federal government, structural editor, substantive editor, copyeditor, and proofreader. More recently, she has been working as a holistic healer for body-mind-spirit integration. With a passion for reading the spiritual and inspirational genres, Nina is thrilled to be part of the InspireABook® team.


Marilyn R. Wilson

Head Shot 2014Social Media Manager

Marilyn R. Wilson brings her 10 years experience in the industry as a freelance writer, interviewer, magazine owner, editor, published author and Social Media/Marketing Manager to the role of SEO promotion and media outreach. Her main role will be to increase the presence on Influence Publishing and our authors on SEO platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.




Greg Salisbury


Director of Operations

Greg Salisbury is the director of operations for Influence Publishing. His role encompasses the many functions that are needed to bring a book to publication including typesetting, distribution, book ordering and financial management. Prior to joining his wife in the business, Greg ran his own web-design business.

Greg will also do stand-alone typesetting if that is all you need. Get more information here.

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