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The saying goes that everyone has a book in them, but the problem is finding the time and motivation to write it. InspireABook Publishing Coaching’s CEO, Julie Salisbury has personally coached all our published authors and will help you plan, structure and create a writing plan for your non-fiction book, while holding you accountable for your writing goals and offering you help, support and advice along the way. Julie has personally helped every author over the past 3 years to become a bestseller. This level of personal service goes well beyond just reviewing your manuscript and keeping you motivated; Julie takes a genuine interest in seeing your book, and you, become a success. Just ask any of our published authors who consider themselves part of “the family.”

With Julie Salisbury as your book coach and mentor, you will go from idea to finished book in 6 months. By using a step-by-step process she ensures that you have a steady plan to follow and are able to meet tangible goals, and she keeps you accountable to those goals with bi-weekly calls.

 “Julie kept me inspired right through the writing process and kept me on track when I experienced writer’s block and lacked in confidence.”
Dr George Baxter-Holder, Author of the No.1 Best seller “Drugs, Food, Sex and God”

The coaching starts with finding your book’s purpose and writing a compelling story to share your expertise, and ends with a product that can be used as a marketing tool for your brand and identity.

Julie Salisbury has spent that last 8 years learning what makes a successful bestselling book. Through her experience she has created a unique writing plan for the author to utilize. There is nothing else like this plan anywhere, where the plan doesn’t just review and comment on the writings of the book, it develops your concept into a format that attracts new clients, readers, media exposure, while using the story to help and assist other people on different levels.

“Julie took my book to a whole different level once I understood how I could leverage my book to use as a marketing tool for my counselling practice. Through her advice I am now a regular contributor of “Huffington Post” and “CTV News.”
Alyson Jones, Best-selling author of “M.O.R.E. A new Philosophy for exceptional living” and 2014 Indie Excellence Book award winner.

How the coaching works:

The InspireABook Writing Plan is totally unique. By creating achievable goals of just 500 words per assignment, you build your book chapter by chapter, but it does not even have to be in any chronological order, in fact, most of our authors choose to start writing their book with the last chapter!

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We strategize the product development of the book to ensure it is used as a “Marketing tool” with clear objectives and a clear target market. If you know the purpose and goal of your book before you start writing, then your writing will be much more productive and cut down on the editing process.

 “Julie helped me understand how we needed to include simple charts, cartoons, and space into the book to make my heavy financial information more accessible to my clients. Now I am using the book as a business card to help explain to financial industry professionals how this exempt product helps their clients. As a ‘side effect’ I’ve been invited to speak to many groups.”
Gordon Johnson, Best-selling author of “Turn your mortgage into a pension”

We ensure you reach the industry standards for word count, book size, copyright permissions, book layout and content structure. A book with too much content or too little content will not sell and a book with no clear message confuses the reader.

We will develop the packaging of the book to ensure the marketing message is clear, with strong strategic keyword choice of title and subtitle, synopsis, author bio, testimonials, and table of contents with compelling chapter titles.

We offer this over a 6-month period so you have clear simple monthly goals to complete your book within the 6-month time allotment.

We take your content, ideas, expertise and existing material you already have written, and transform it into a book, using a step by step process that “builds” the book, in achievable 500 word goals. We find many clients already have much of the content written in blogs, articles, curriculum or journal notes, and we just help them reorganize that content into the platform of a book.

When this level is complete you can decide if you proceed to level 2 and use our publishing services, or you can self-publish using the information we have given you.

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