InspireABook Publishing Coaching is designed to offer publishing, distribution, marketing and book coaching/consulting services to suit authors’ needs. We recognize that self-publishing services do not assist the author on a personalized basis and that “your book, your way” is a dangerous trap that can create loss of credibility if published without the expertise of an established publisher who “knows the rules”

A book is a product; when you are developing any product that is going to market, you have to identify where the gap is and what the needs of the consumer are. If you treat a book in the same way as a product then you will be able to fill in a gap of information that is needed and not supplied by other books that are in the same category. The reader needs to clearly appreciate why your book is delivering information that is not available in other books. This needs to be shown in the title, content, structure, editing, marketing and cover design of your book.

InspireABook Publishing Coaching sets itself apart by offering a long term branding strategy that represents the author and their brand. A typical book published by a traditional publisher is treated as a fast moving consumer good with a short shelf life. At InspireABook we work consistently with the author and develop strategies throughout the year to support an author’s book. Our unique and individualized strategies gives the book the opportunity to reach more readers, find new clients and become a representative of the authors brand, where the book becomes more powerful than the brochure, business card, website, and builds the credibility of the author.

Our services explained:

Book Consulting/Coaching – to guide you through the book writing process


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