“This workshop was immensely helpful in understanding the publishing and editing process and what I need to do to be prepared. What I learned that I didn’t know about headlines, back cover copy, organizing the chapters and content. I also appreciated the great marketing template.”
Deborah Connors

“Julie Salisbury of InspireABook made the book writing and publishing process so much more manageable. She literally held my hand from start to finish. Whenever I had doubt, fear or uncertainty Julie was right there with wise words of encouragement to help me re-align with my heart’s vision for my book. It was Julie’s intuitive coaching and insightful feedback that played a vital role in helping me complete my book and become an Amazon best-seller. I look forward to working with Julie again for my next book. I trust her to provide honest and authentic coaching to help navigate this ever changing book publishing industry.”
~ Sue Dumais, Award Winning International Speaker, Heart Led Living Coach, Best Selling Author of “Heart Led Living ~ When Hard Work Becomes Heart Work”


Your smile, your energy, your enthusiam and joy of life, instantly drew me to you. Once we started the coaching it made me see you shine even more. Your knowledge, love and commitment to your authors was so beautiful to see and be a part of. I’m saying it has been wonderful to be bought into your family. It is an honour!
Janet Walmsley, Author of The Autistic Author and Animator – A Mother’s view of a daughter’s triumph”.

It’s been such a journey. You truly inspire me and everyone you know. I love how you connect and I am always impressed by your sense of enthusiam and humour…most of all, (your are an) amazing woman. Thank you Julie, you made this happen.
Eugene Couture, Author of “When adoption is not an option – a metis woman torn from her family and her 40 year battle to find them again”

Julie – there is no way this book would have happened without your Infuence! I love you!
Dr George Baxter-Holder, Best selling author of “Drugs, Food, Sex and God – An addicted drug dealer goes from convict to doctor through the power of intention”

Congratulations on fifty plus books and lives you’ve touched! (tons?!) Thanks and much love!
Denene Derksen, Best selling author of “Dancing with Fire – Two women who fall out of the ordinary”

Thank you for following your heart and becoming such a beautiful channel that allows us to share our stories.
Caroline Harrison, Forthcoming Author

In the time that I have spent with you I’ve seen that you genuinly believe in using our presence on this earth to help influence positive change. Hopefully that,ll have an influence on me! May your benevolent influence continue to grow.
David Manuel

Your energy and enthusiam are infectious and the passion with which you share your message is inspiring. Thank you for allowing me to turn a dream into a reality – I am loving the journey. I’m so happy to be part of your book doulah journey!
Jennifer Swanson, Best selling author of “What they See – How to stand our and shine in your new job ”

I have thoroughly enjoyed our jouryney together ahd look forward to many more years of collaboration.
Gordon Johnson, Best selling author of “Turn your mortgage into a pension”

Julie, I am so grateful for you! You have blessed me beyond words. You believed in me, you have encouraged me and have inspired me…..Thank you!
Nadine Sands, Best selling author of “Hold on, Let go”

Julie, It has been my great pleasure to meet the lady who has changed my sisters life. You are a GEM. God Bless you.
Elanna (Nadine’s sister)

You have just begun. We are so grateful that you were willing to take a chance on Kitty Lit. Lexi thanks you too. Thank You.
Marian Keen and Jodie, Author and Illustrator, the Lexi Cat Series of Childrens educational books.

You changed my life with your news of picking up my novel. Thanks so much for taking a gamble. You have brought an abundance of light to a very dark time in my life. I thank you so much! Let’s sell many many many books together.
L. J. Dionne, Author of the forthcoming book “Dying to Live”

Thank you so much for supporting me on my journey back to my heart and to be able to share it through my book and hopefully to touch lots of hearts! Together we can make a huge positive difference. You truly are a “Great Gift” to me and so many others! With Love.
Brock Tully, Author of “The Great Gift – Inspiring thoughts from the heart”

Julie, What a joy to know you. You have truly began a new era in which your life and heart are expressing who you are without reservation. Thank you for believing in me and everyone else who you have inspired to do what you do and influence our world!
Shannon Stage, Facilitator of “Just Write, Vancouver”

I am honoured to be a part of your incredible family. Thank you for this opportunity!
Marilyn De Rooy-Pearson, Best Selling author of “Paying too much Tax”

Ma Cherie Julie, Thank you for your inspiration and courage! We and You are changing the world and influencing change-makers! Bonne Fete!
Michelle Bisson-Somerville, Best selling author of “Voo Doo Shit for Men – Flex your Intuitive muscle”

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