When Should I Take it?

If you feel like you are not truly living your purpose, it is time to go back into your life story and re-trace your clues to understand who you can serve. You might have already started this process of serving people in your coaching or speaking business, but not realizing the six figure income you hoped for. You may have a strong desire to share your story, but not figured out how to make an income from your book or speaking. You may have already published a book but felt disappointed because it didn’t lead to the media interviews or sales you were hoping for. The book is not a separate entity, your story IS your business, if you are ready to take your experiences to the next level to truly step into your purpose, here is the starting point!

“This program which Julie is offering is outstanding. We are getting so much content here. Over a year ago I entered into a $5000 Vanity publishing contract with an big name established Canadian publisher, they we’re really pressing me for a manuscript and I just wasn’t ready .I was trying to distill that manuscript, a very personal process as all of us here know and had No Idea about the background details which we’re discussing.. I was lucky to get my money back in full but what a stressful process it was. I came to experience that the phrase vanity press is highly relevant. They’re really praying on the idea that people who are wannabe authors will have their ego drawn into a business model which promises the sky but offers them little. Everyone’s got stories. To have the nuanced information which Julie is presenting to us is invaluable. Canned vanity press solutions are just that, ‘vanity’, their customers have absolutely no clue about the nuances of the writing and publishing process. Julie I’d like to thank you so much for everything and everyone you brought together to make this program a reality, I’m so happy for enrolling in the program. (Great class mix too).”
– Tom Fox

Just starting?

The best time to start the InspireABook program is when you have just had the epiphany that your life experiences can be re-purposed into a business. If you have started writing your book to use as a platform for your speaking or consulting, this program will really help you get clarity on how to structure the book to best serve your readers. Even better, if you just have ideas in a jumble, we’ll help you organize them!

Half way?

If you are half way through writing your book and hit a wall, this program will help you review your writing so far and help you understand how to turn your learning moments into benefits to the reader. The story is not about you, it is about how you overcame your obstacles and how you are going to help the reader do the same.

Finished and ready to publish?

This is the most challenging time to start the program as we will question what you have written so far and why? For many it is the magic they were looking for to make their book truly stand out from the crowd and make sure it is found! Often, this is the crucial stage to ensure your great content is seen. A wrong title or cover design can prevent the reader finding you. We help you re-purpose your content so it can be found by those who need it!

Contact us today to find out how to take your business to the next level and use your book as a platform!

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